Random Funny Ideas To Save Our Old School
Former pupil Robert Goodwin put this oddity together and it's rather fun. He also shot, edited and composed/played the music in the video. Beach road primary school paved the way for many interesting, talented and skilled people.

The Schools at Beach Road (Presentation Test Demo)
Please be aware the audio cuts off in places due to the way this project was created. So it comes and goes and cuts short. This was an educational slide show made in Microsoft Power Point by Beach Road Primary School former Deputy Head Master, Mr Alan Johnston. This video is just a tweaked transferee into a video format with a little music. Enjoy this, he put a lot of work into it. We have since obtained another version of this (no audio with that though) but its called "Beach Road History Trail" which we will work on soon.

Technical Notes:
We assume the reason for the mic issue was a noise canceller that mutes room noise when no one is talking, or someone ran a noise reduction on the files (with that in mind we can't extend what was cut short) and to filter what was left would damage the vocal aspect even further as we are unable to lift a noise print from it without vocal.


The Modern Documentary Intro Demo
Pieced together by robert goodwin (a former pupil) this intro demo marked the start of a modern day little trip back in time for the school and all who attended, be it adult or child.



On The Trail Of Walter Franklin Tomkins (pre dvd cut)  
This is essentially a DVD Extra kinda thing and it's done as can be specifics wise (unless) some more Visual content comes forward before i have finished the other video projects. If not, then the final cut of this (for the dvd) will have the blank/black box moments replaced with scrolling random visuals that are semi related yet unimportant, but that'll be pretty boring. I am not a camera loving kinda person, so that's why i have not simply just filled the blank bits with me & my face talking on screen. ;)   Why the frame type video?  A lot of the graphics and images are LOW Resolution & don't look well when stretched.  To view some of the research behind this video, see here

A Day In The Life of Beach Road School (Thursday the 21st of July 1983)
This log page video covers one day in the schools history where Mr R Catton leaves the school after 2 years and Mr Jack Ormerod Retires from being dept head. It also notes Mr Brian Parry takes over as dept head. The log page was written by Mr Raymond Hinchcliffe, head master from September 1971 to July 1987.

Maybe More Soon..
Until then, check out the other small demo sequences from the production Here on YouTube.

Although I personally had plans to do a stack of "Log Page" videos regarding teachers retiring and seasonal events such as harvest festival, sports days and other moments from the schools history. The idea of Varied log videos has been cancelled and they wont be happening.

This projects been scrapped for a number of reasons outlined here

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