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I have used a number of research services & tools to build upon what i already had
some of those sites i will list and interlink below.
PLEASE NOTE i have NOTHING to do with these sites..
NOR did i pay them or get anything Free from them.
I am just listing them as a courtesy as they all indirectly helped me learn.
If i had of had better funded access to these places..
then we would of had more Info and actual images of records.

Some Useful On Line Tools

Cemetery Search Here
Grave Search Here
Obituaries, Marriage, Birth Search Here
Surname History Data Base Here
What Does My Name Mean ? Here
Another Site For Deaths, Births, Marriages Info Here
A Free Site That's Similar To Ancestry Here
Church Records Look Up & Free Images Here
More Church Records Here
Merseyside Roll of Honour Project Here
Lancashire Fusiliers information Here
Massive Listings of Liverpool Teachers Here
Age Calculator enter Start to Finish, gives age, years, minuets Here
Another Age calculator was sent into us and that is based Here

How to become a successful Historian & find things easier to trace your relations.
Most sites don't offer much info unless you pay..
Most sites also send you back around to one that makes you pay..
The Surname Database is one of the most underrated yet really helpful websites as it often lists a town OR district for unique surnames. That in turn can narrow down the obituary searches and electoral roll locations for you. So while the ancestory website wont show you the image or any other info than what they wish to tease you with.., It'll give you a birth and death date and often a village or town district, surname DB can often just help you confirm that.
Its all trial and error, but if you interested in the subject of being a Historian, then between the links above, you can gather information to back track millions of people.
The links can also help you find or at least narrow down a date of birth because when you look on the free sites for an approximate date of birth & district it will often find them, it'll show you a year and their age at that year, which helps a lot down the line. You certainly do not need to PAY money to do what they insist you should pay for ;)

Concentrate on what you have.. that is key..
You tally and narrow down what you have, only then do you have somewhere else to look.  A lot of people dig round looking for unknowns and maybes.. If you tally up everything you have, its pretty clear to see exactly what is missing.. That now is a date range.. granted your still shooting in the dark.. but you at least know what years to be shooting for. And these sites often want Estimated years and Districts too. Ancestry site is an interesting place BUT its search boxes still need info to Narrow down your search, and that info is easier found on some free sites via approx date and district.

Most kids do 2 years of nursery, So you Start in September, You Leave in July. So your often on two nursery photos. Then you enter reception class which is essentially first year Infants.
The following year after reception (ide call 2nd year infants) you may bounce between 2 or 3 teachers to be taught certain things before that final year in the Infants (that i would class as 3rd year infants).

So its pretty common that kids in your class where not on some school photos within that 2nd year Infants (after reception) because some were better with letters, others better with numbers, the year was often divided between a number of teachers.

Just remember you Start a school year in September, You Leave In July. So Every September is the Start of a new School Year.  IE If you start  4th year Juniors in Sept 1985, you leave the school in July 1986. Most the school photos at beach road where taken in the 2nd week of July.

So that's how you Date Your Photos.. Look at the teacher.. remember the Infants OR Junior year.. look at your own date of birth,  Nursery, Nursery, Reception=i1, then Infants i2, Final Infants i3, First Year Juniors = j4. j5, j6, j7  7 years between infants and juniors.
If your teacher in the photo was for a specific "School Year" you had them.. then the photo was taken in the Second  "Calender Year" because photos are taken with the class 2 weeks "Before" you leave.
So if you had a Photo and you no you had Mr Thingy  83/84  (the Photo is 1984)  Sept to July, pics taken in July..


Have photo with no idea when or where its from?
Google have a Reverse Image look up search engine were you upload a photo and it will attempted to list every single website that has the image (and maybe the info that came with it) to use Googles Reverse Image Search click Here and rather than Typing in the search field, click the little camera and browse to the image you want more information on  ;)


When you switch from google maps or street view to satellite imagery, hold down CTRL and ALT at the same time and then click on the image and drag it.. this will allow you to Rotate and Pan the Image in real time to gain a 3D model perspective  :)

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