These Are The Teachers Names And Dates We Have So Far

1908 to 1941 Mr Walter Franklin Tomkins
1908 to 19?? Mr John Mathews
1908 to 19??  Miss Katie Pickering
1908 to 19??  Miss/Mr??  Woodhall
1912 to 19?? Mr M Bingham
1912 to 19??: Miss Jadalla
1924 to 19??: Miss Scott
1924 to 19??: Miss A. Alderson
1924 to 19??: Miss Sumner
1924 to 19??: Miss A. E. Keats
1924 to 1963: Miss Mary Eleanor Roberts
1924 to 19??: Miss Annie Clement Stubbs
1937 to 1971 Miss Shelia Allen
1941 to 1964?: Mr Francis Bavaird Lowe
1942/64?: Miss Whittaker
1946 to 1952: Miss Woodland
1946 to 1952: Miss Packman
1946 to 1952: Miss Packmore
1948 to 1965: Miss Jones
1952 to 19??: Miss Jeacock
1952 to 1983: Mr Jack Ormerod
1954/1958: Mrs Williams
1954/1958: Miss Johnson
1954/1979: Miss Knight
1955 to 1959: Miss Turner
1955/1960?: Mrs Rickaby
1956/1960?: Mrs Oplatek
19??/1979: Mrs Harwood (she was older than Ms Harwood)
1954/1958: Miss Morgan
1954/1958: Mr Cairns
1953 to 1971 Mrs E. Kavanagh  (she'd been their 18 years, is 1953 right?)
1955 to 1981: Mr Boutle
1960 to 19??: Miss Whisker
1965/19??: Mrs Croxton
1970 to 200? Mrs Yabsley
1970 to 200? Mrs Kelly
1971 to 1987: Mr Raymond Hinchcliffe
1972 to 1979: Mrs Currie
1973/??: Mr Glynn Williams
1977/??: Ms Deegan
1977/78: Miss Rogers
1977/78 to 2009: Mrs Shirley O'Donnel
1978 to 1980/81: Mrs Davis
1980 to 1984: Miss Room
1977/??: Mrs McKearny
1981 to 1983: Mr Roy Catton
1983 to 1986: Mr Brian Parry
1984 to 1992: Mrs June Fenney
1982 to 1987: Miss Harwood (Mrs Lumb)
1983 to 2009: Mr Allan Johnston
1987/??: Miss Manfred Brown
1996 TO 2008/09 Miss Amanda Bourne
2003/??: Miss Malcolm

Most of the "teachers" dates are Estimated and Theorized from what pupils provided and other factors such as photo date assumptions and the memories sparked by posting random photos.

Like Mrs Rickaby i had down as 1955 to 19??, because a pupil remembers her and the earliest time frame (from her time their was 1955) I had since changed the 19?? to 1961.
Reason?,  i found out from someone else (who was their from 19?? to 1961) that Mrs Oplatek was a name they remembered their.  As mrs rickaby is in a photo with oplatek, i could have said rickaby MIGHT of been  their up until at least 1961, The 1961 now has some debate as a pupil from a different school remembers oplatek as a head mistress in 1960 (the school was) Lydiate County Primary School on Lambshear Lane in Maghull

It doesn't give me an EXACT date for the photo.. but we know it was between 1955 and 1960
But unless more people bother to work out what ROUGH year they attended and the names of the teachers they remember.. then we will never be able to narrow down.

All paths can lead to photos, names, exact dates for photos.. it all ties together
but only if you all help..  There maybe just ONE teacher you remember leaving, maybe one teacher you remember that no one else the year before or after you does.

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