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At the moment this project is dead, their are a few things to work on and i may finish them up, but theirs been to much chaos trying to do most of this alone, and most of it has been done alone. Its eaten through months of my life in hopes at some stage we'd get back to the logs after that little look, ber that in mind.. that first visit we got some photos & 1 log page regarding ormerods retirement, other than that all u see has been done in the dark with just brain work and the net.
as it stands i have other stuff on and i feel like the last man standing at the moment.

Old Info (i had still yet to receive)

While i tie up loose ends on dates i have (i don't ask until ive exhausted all routes)

The only things i was Specifically asking for at the time where..

We Need Colour & B/W Photos featuring (and close ups) for
  1. Mr Jack Ormerod (need more colour images)
  2. Mr R Catton  (also what did the R  stand for?)  (SOLVED)
  3. Mrs Harwood (not miss harwood who became mrs lumb)
  4. Mrs Knight
  5. Who Built The School?  (SOLVED)
  6. Who Designed The School?
  7. We need a good copy of all FOUR Seaforth Hospital Photos
  8. Add to the Teachers Names and Dates on the list Here
  9. Old photos of Scarisbrick Avenue and Sefton Avenue
more stuff we'll need soon... WILL be posted when i have exhausted all other avenues. The bottom of the odd Page or Post sometimes asks for info, so if you know then please reply.
You can post on the facebook page, or post below on the page your reading, or message the FB page
You can also email photos to us here  beachroadschoolresearch @
please attach photos as Files, rather than Images (helps to maintain the quality of them)

We need help with some info on stuff.. check bk soon for Updated Info on what we need ;)

IMPORTANT:  we do NOT need money  NOR do we ever ask for any...
Please Note that Blogger only Back Dates to 1970
(so i am looking into another method of organising the blog posts that will pre-date the 70's)
for a Accurate time line look at the Facebook Page Here
and Please.. check out the photo albums, see if our Mrs and our Miss are right and any first names we maybe missing, or surnames spelt wrong.. every little helps on that time line to better help piece stuff together that often seams unrelated, but everything written often jogs memories..

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