Thursday, 30 April 2015

On The Trail Of Walter Franklin Tomkins (pre dvd cut)

On The Trail Of Walter Franklin Tomkins (pre dvd cut)  

This is essentially a DVD Extra kinda thing and it's done as can be specifics wise (unless) some more Visual content comes forward before i have finished the other video projects. If not, then the final cut of this (for the dvd) will have the blank/black box moments replaced with scrolling random visuals that are semi related yet unimportant, but that'll be pretty boring. I am not a camera loving kinda person, so that's why i have not simply just filled the blank bits with me & my face talking on screen. ;)   Why the frame type video?  A lot of the graphics and images are LOW Resolution & don't look well when stretched.

To view some of the research behind this video, see here

Its a shame youtube doesn't count statistics from Embedded playbacks,

Because this got fairly hammered within the first 24 hours of posting it on facebook.

You can now get this in Audio form & the score (for free) see here for more information.

Friday, 24 April 2015

Roll of Honours County Scholarships

With all the research i have been doing i have not had chance or any inclination to research the architectural information as from what i have seen their is no information easily accessible.

One of the researchers Vicky Brandwood hit upon an idea to contact Cambridge Road Waterloo Grammar School because the building design is similar and around the same age, this is what they sent back to her.

Hi Vicky,

I have been given the following information (for Waterloo with Seaforth Secondary School, as it was called before Waterloo Grammar School), copied and pasted below;

The building was erected at a cost of £16,950 and was satisfactorily carried out by Messrs. S. & J. Smethurst Ltd. Of Oldham.  The internal fittings for teaching purposes in the various rooms were carried out by Messrs. J. Heywood Ltd of Manchester at a cost of £1520.00.
The clerk of works was Mr. J. T. Parker and the buildings have been erected from the designs and under the supervision of the County Architect - Mr. Henry Littler.
Lancashire County Council and Waterloo-with-Seaforth Urban District Council had joint responsibility for secondary education and in 1912 opened the co-educational Waterloo Secondary School in Cambridge Road.

Many old boys of our school came from Beach Road after passing the 11+ ( or 'scholarship' as they knew it), and it was only in recent years they found out the school had an honours board.
The year after the pupils left the names of those passing the 11+ would be added to the board, so most never saw their names on it.
Several years ago an old boy visiting from the USA visited taking a photograph, which we printed in our annual magazine (see copy attached).
Also find a photograph sent by one of our members (Beech Road, 1952).

I hope this is of some help, if I come across anything else I will get back in touch.

Bet regards,

Lol Sinclair

Roll of Honours Board 1 of ??
Scholarship Boys 1952
Special thanks to Vicky Brandwood & Laurence Sinclair and the former pupil who provided these images to the school.

This was also found recently on the net