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School Closed in 2008, 2015 Is Last Year Standing

Beach Road Council School was built (in 1908) to address the short comings and problems regarding Scarisbrick Avenue Council School.

Beach road council school opened on Monday the 10th of August in 1908 and was 3 schools spread across 2 buildings.

The Infants building was run by head mistress Miss Helen L. Smellie, while the Junior building Girls department was run by headmistress Miss K. E. Jones, and Junior building Boys department was run by the headmaster Walter Franklin Tomkins.

Beach Road School was Litherlands first school to be specifically designed & built to fully accommodate the separation of girls and boys, while also providing space to separate the children into specific Grades.

The school was an evolution for the education system just in it's design, let alone the possibilities regarding the amount of space available to separate the children & experiment with educational techniques that where tested on children with varied levels of intelligence. This was a whole new era for teaching in Litherland. That alone was the ultimate argument to save the school btw. 
but saving its history didn't seam to figure into most peoples reasoning... that just History alone could save the school? shame really because it's the only one of its kind in Litherland. Beach road council school was where Litherlands education system finally started to come together.

The more Information i explain on the scarisbrick page and this beach road page, the more people will realize just how Important this building was. Keeping it as a museum rather than redesigning the insides was also just as crucial to Litherlands heritage, besides just trying to save it for other local uses.

After many set backs with Lander Road in its initial years and further more the total bad weather disasters encountered when it spilled over into scarisbrick avenue, it was clear that a purpose built building would be needed to improve the education of Litherlands children. So an architect was consulted contracts changed hands and the pinnacle of Litherlands education system was built.

But is that the whole truth and the real truth?, Could the school have been intended to be a Hospital (for seaforth) before the war its self, rather than a school for Litherland?

The school was built by Walter Musker (born in 1861, died 1922, at the age of 61)

To Be Continued.....

Notes to look into...
The War 
When the school was occupied by the military during the war..
The boys and girls departments went to Linacre Mission on the 11th of January 1914.
The Infants later went to St Philips Memorial Hall on the 10th of August 1914.

  Beach Road school plans maybe in MINT condition sitting in one of 690 boxes in the Liverpool archive

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